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  1. What a douche…

    No, not cause he is a grown ass man that interfered in a baseball game like an 8 year old fan boy. But because he felt bad enough about it to get up and leave.

    Dude. It’s fucking baseball. Other than soccer it doesn’t get any more gay. On top of that it’s a regular season game in April. It couldn’t be any more meaningless. At least he wasn’t that douche in Chicago that cost them a play off game like 10 years ago.

    1. You call baseball gay, and yet you are obviously a fan as you understand “it’s a regular season game” that “it couldn’t be any more meaningless” and you remember a game from 10 years ago!

      So, if baseball is gay… what does that make fans like yourself?

    2. Dear Nice Panties
      Well I forgive you. But the picture really look like your fucking that gay back of his head.

  2. Hey dumbshit he got up and left because he knew he was going to be automatically ejected due to interfering. Did you not notice the staff member escorting him out and taking the ball away?

  3. Please, could someone explain what happened? We don’t play baseball in my country (Brasil) and I never get these videos. Thank you captain!

    1. The fan thought the ball was hit foul (or out of bounds), but it was in play. If a fan touches a ball that is in play, it’s fan interference and the play is ruled dead from that point. Most ballparks won’t automatically eject a fan for it, they take into account whether it was intentional or with malice intent. But SF’s park is strict has a no exceptions policy, anyone who interferes is automatically ejected. The fan obviously knew that, that is why he got up and ran himself out.

  4. the girl hide his face in front of the camera
    I think they don’t have to be there, may be the man’s girlfriend is watching the game on TV

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