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  1. WTF do people like this do for a living??? what is this guys main source of income??? No one In there right mind would hire this guy , good luck with being unemployed for the rest of you’re life

    1. His main form of legal income is social support payments, but he sucks dick under the table… pardon the pun

  2. WTF, this is the same kind of fucking fuckface, that buys a rusted out pinto, and puts a $2000.00 boom box in it, and drives up and down the same street 500 fucking times a day. Yeah he needs to have a grenade shoved up his ass, and the pull ring secured to one of his piercings, so when he starts to bebop to his fucking rap, we get a pizza with ears.

    1. Yeh youre right Scott..oh wait.. except for the fact, he isn’t from America. Although good guess, I would have assumed the samething.

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