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  1. As has been revealed, that kid is 19 years old, has autism and severe social anxiety. How fucking difficult it must be for him to do a regular job, moreover on a crowded airport.
    And that mentos-size-brained cunt, who can do nothing more than talk crap into a microphone and going bankrupt, goes around and bullies him? 50 cent is a worthless piece of dumb shit.

    1. I usually think you’re a dumb, European cunt, Spokk; but you’re pretty much spot on with that one.

    2. @get a rope: The difference is that you would only say it because he’s black. While I would say it about anybody who behaves like a cunt, even if he was fucking green with orange stripes.

    3. P.S I like cock, especially if it is green with orange stripes. Paint yours up and I will have a go :)~

  2. Just another dip shit, useless ,butt fuck celebrity who thinks he can do or say whatever he wants cause he’s rich and famous… Oh wait not rich..

  3. First, 50cent is an ass for making fun of people. Second, having severe social anxiety and needing to work leads to taking anti-anxiety medicine to cope. Some anti-anxiety medicine, like Xanex, can make a person experience a euphoric high. Maybe he was high at work. Does having a prescription for your high make you less high?

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