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    1. apart from the bloke – they are all better than a HANDJOB ( think like a man not a women )

  1. 3 Down….
    Meet El Bastardo.!!!!! The Fag, who Been TROLLING ME.!!!!! See What Happen, When America Gave The Rights to FAGS.!!!! You get El Bastardo

    1. It’s not TROLLING, the word you are looking for is DATING, you can call him your EX if you want to.

    2. El Bastardo is just a pissed off vaquero, 2homo stole his stallion with his asshole so now he is out of work…

    3. Captain Obvious, Thanks for Being Illegal El Bastardo First Customer in USA.!!!! Sorry I didn’t Tell You El Bastardo has 13 inch. dick… El Bastardo Told me You Ride Him Deep and Hard Took all 13 inch of his Cock.!!!! Maybe PREPARATION H might Cool down Your Butt Hole.??? URGay,,, El Bastardo Told Me, He didn’t Feel Anything.!!!! With Your LIMP DICK INSIDE HIM.!!!!! Sorry No Money Back.!!!!!!

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