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  1. Yeah it’s like getting a bucket of steam from the basement when the shop is only at ground level. The thing that these fuckers don’t realized and are so proud to “tricked” us is that we often go along with these stupidities otherwise you won’t be part of the group and be rejected right from the start… Doesn’t start well if you planned to be 20 years in whatever the place is. It’s not just his dumb job, many are like that, there’s always plenty of retards in desk jobs places that act exactly the same. Your only chance i would say is if you work with women… then it’s a whole other set of problems but least it won’t be that retarded shit.

    1. You’re missing the point. If you lack common sense like how a fucking public water fountain works, perhaps being a part of a group is the least of your worries. In my experience, any group worth being a part of isn’t looking for blind followers anyway.

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