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  1. A. Bullying has been going on since the beginning of time. Why are the making a big deal about this.

    B. None of the comments were even directed toward her. She just took random screen shots and edited together a post to get attention.

    C. The girl is in high school. Quit posting her and making her out to be some super model.

    1. no one said it was directed at her, she’s just showing how retarded those girls are with their dumbass comments.

      being 5″ and 130 you’re gonna look fat or being 5″7 and 140 you’re gonna look fit.

    1. Listen mr. rope, I’m all for free enterprise but you had better not step on my ho 2lolos turf and take any of his asshole licking business away. Otherwise I’ll have to have a talk with you if you gmome sayin’.

  2. Bull fuckin shit. You see the hamhocks on that fat bitch with the colored socks? That aint the same bitch as that hot bitch showin off her titties and cunt in the selfie. No fuckin way.

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