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  1. Admin, you’re an idiot. You took some backwoods, drunk trash from the boonie-dwelling nowhere land of Russia that Russians avoid and tagged it to be representative of the whole. Typical moronic reaching. Rocky IV and Red Heat must be your window to eastward. If that’s your thing, why don’t you focus on the ghettos and fag havens of your own country. Way more material! I also suggest turning off your television set and stop reading and watching bullshit about Russia, which happens to be nothing but lies. A large portion of americans are decent people, but have been pounced on and demonized by neo-idiots. I bet in life you are part of the same group of libs who on one hand denounce racism and xenophobia while on the other selectively choose the races and people to make fun of. Typical social retardation, you and posts like this epitomize why other nations call you stupid. You have backwards trash in every corner, illegals stealing hardworking people’s money, a genocidal government with a crazed monkey with a hand grenade in leadership, murder and drugs on every corner, a divided nation, a fake paper-based economy, and a general unwillingness to change it, attacking anyone (like Trump) who has the balls to tell you you’re all fucked up. But no, apparently it’s Russia that is in “reverse”. Uh-huh. Sure thing, genius. If you knew anything beyond what the idiot box tells you you would have taken a moment before naming this post what you did. Focus on your own domestic fails. Lord knows there’s no shortage.

    1. God dammit OneMoreForTheDeafAndDumb, good job making our country look even more stupid with ur racist, homophobic rhetoric. #facepalm.

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