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    1. True – makes them all liars, doesn’t it.

      I guess that’s why it’s so easy for them.

      They use the excuse that it’s to attract guys when really it’s simply how they can beat other women…

  1. So, your best is magic marker eyebrows, a slight duckface, cadaver makeup, an orange mop hanging from the back of your head, and frozen snot coming out of your nose.

    I think I’ll take an assistant crack whore trainee instead.

  2. The shit locks and creepy eyebrows (before & after) and five pounds of makeup can only do so much. Cover Girl ain’t a miracle worker, don’t quit your day job and rely on face because it’s not your meal ticket dude

    1. COD that wasn’t 2lolo mother he was fucking. It was your mother and sister 2lolo been fucking. 2lolo even fuck my mother and sister to.

    2. @ PWNED Still Peeping… Damn you are Coming Like COD.!!!! I Caught Her Finger Fucking herself behind Her Mother Bedroom Door..!!!! That’s How We Has a 3some.!!!

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