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    1. jacksripper She wasn’t my Mother it was Nice Panties Mother..!!! I Seen Your Mother.!!!! NO WAY I’M EVER FUCKING YOUR MOTHER.!!!!! Your Mother Is So DAMN FAT.!!!!! I Couldn’t Figure OUT WHITCH ROLL of FAT Is Her PUSSY.!!!!!!

    2. I still think you confuse the word girlfriend with mother. incest is wrong and you’re in denial

    3. @2lolo you are a fucking idiot. Every post you make is just another indication of how much of a dumb ass you are. Are you retarded?

    4. Well Real 2lolo I Ratter Be Retarded Than A SICK PEDOPHILE Like You.!!!!! EPIC FAIL HIDE Your SONSs.!!!!! He’s Back.!!!!!

    5. @ jacksripper
      Who’s Your Daddy.??? DNA Testing Will Help Finding Your Real Daddy.!!! But If Your 20 years old and Under.??? DON’T LOOK.!!!!

    6. List of facts:
      1) 2lola’s mother gives one of the best heads
      2) 2lolo admits he is retarded
      3) 2lolo thinks that EpicFail has “sons”… as I said: retard confirmation.

  1. Good!
    She should be an example for all other vegans out there. Go kill yourselves doing pointless, irresponsible shit.

  2. Regardless of being a Vegan or not, she died. Leveraging her death for personal gain, no matter how small, is incredibly infantile.
    This person is a piece of shit.

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