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    1. Yeah, that’s definitely Marcus Rojo from Man Utd and his girlfriend Eugienia something-or-other. You can see her tat if you google. Lucky boy.

    2. Oh, so he is a famous soccer player that no one outside of Europe knows? So in another words she’ll be banging him with a strap on while he makes her toast? My god you Euro trash soccer homos are embarrassing.

    1. Her boyfriend is doing that, you … ok, you can write about it and fantasize.

    2. Hi Captain Obvious
      I understand your Roll Boat sank close by Africa.??? And A African Tribe Saved your Life….. You Became a Tribe Member After All of The African Tribe FUCK Your ASS.!!!! I Know You Enjoyed Yourself.!!!!!!

    3. Holy crap 2homo. After reading through more and more comment everyone is right. You are getting worse and worse every time you type something out. I feel that I am losing brain cells reading your “rants”

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