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    1. No, kill him, fuck her. I’m not into necrophilia. But ya never know until you try.

  1. No real proof hes a nazi supporter, just a bunch of douche bags trying to get some attention from his pick

  2. They’re smiling because there remembering the time they stomped that n!gger to death, good times, good times.

  3. truely no self-respect at all. Can’t believe ANY fucking chicks would go out with a piece of shit like that. Nazi or not. hope it’s just a family photo and even then … :/

  4. I Love To Fuck Her With a Condom On.!!!!! Who Knows Maybe Doralingis Gave Him A Blow Job.???? Like Nice Panties Got HERPES and The Claps From Doralingis.!!!! After all Doralingis Comes from the South.!!!

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