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  1. That is obviously a phobia. The fear is irrational and uncontrollable, and she apparently knows how silly it is. That’s why they are laughing about it. This is not a spoiled misbehaved child as the post suggests.

  2. I also have a crazy needle phobia it’s shitty to deal with. I’m an adult and I avoid doctors/hospitals and take good care of my teeth to avoid dental needles ahhhhh O_O Stupid as fuck fear but very overwhelming

    1. Since she has a needle phobia, then i guess your needle pecker will wake the same trauma

  3. My hot beef injection will cure her of her injection phobia (and her enema phobia if she has one too!)

  4. At first I thought this was a Scandinavian sex clinic, and that the gal behind her was a lesbian groping her under that T-shirt, and that the older broad was a therapist coaching her. Then, I got it. It’s still bizarre, and something I sort of want to watch and sort of don’t want to.

  5. Pregnant, STD, druggie by the age of 20.
    Complete AIRHEAD that has been coddled by the parents, and most likely a “daddy’s girl”.

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