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  1. I not only would back up, I’d go to a completely different station. Who knows what she will do, drive off with the nozzle in the tank?

  2. In England, nearly all stations have extra long hoses so you can refuel on either side, is that not the case in America?

    1. No because the US is not a shithole with a bunch of idiots that can’t figure out what side of the car their gas cap is on.

      And look at the license plates. This isn’t even in the US

      And this spank isn’t even pumping gas. She can’t even figure out how to drive her car to the pump.

    2. sorry Nice Pants, but you lost any credibility as soon as you typed “the US is not a shithole with a bunch of idiots…” You do realize you’re the butt of this planet’s joke, right?

    3. We’re the butt of the planets joke… Yet people immigrate here by the millions. Yeah that sounds legit. We get it. You’re afraid Trump will cut your crappy country off from all the free aid you get and you’ll be back to middle ages again. It’s OK. Get your proper paperwork and obey the law and you can come to the greatest country on earth too. Just don’t expect any hand outs like your entire country is based on. Its obvious you are either eurotrash or one of the many pedofiles of Australia.

    4. Nice pants, I tend to agree with lots of things you write. Here too I agree re: Trump. But you have a tremendous misconception about america being the greatest, etc. That’s the remarkable and often times very laughable mantra that so many americans that have never lived elsewhere repeat again and again after living in that brainwashing bubble known as the US of A. The millions who migrate to the states are Mexicans and otherwise those who are looking for free shit. Long gone are the days when people came there to work and offer something, because frankly speaking, for those who want to work, there are far better options and there are many of them. No argument, america WAS the best at one point. Agreed. But not anymore. The last 3 presidents have made sure of that. And this is coming from someone who has been to over 70 countries and lived in 6 of them with 30 years in the states, so unless you can match those credentials it’s no use arguing. You’re mistaken.

      Additionally, millions of the same (or even worse) type of immigrants are flooding europe right now, so the whole “they all come to america” argument is dead. They go wherever they can get free shit, period. In other words, the dumber the immigration policy, the more lowlifes that country gets, america or otherwise. Has nothing to do with greatness.

      P.S. not insulting you. Just making a valid point.

    5. Just wait till that fag Bill Nye will go on his usual rant about how you are i’nnorant and insignificant, and America IS the best fucking country on this fucking planet with the best fucking sport where a bunch of obese teenagers cripple one-another then spend the rest of their lives on painkillers living in a trailer on social support…

    6. Let’s see, you got one of the lowest literacy rate and the higest crime, homicide, murder and incarceration rates. Your big cities like Detroit are dying, waaaay to many Americans can’t differentiate between “their” and “they’re”. The only thing you’re still good at is making money for your 1% elite and mass-producing military hardware. You rant about “evil socialist Europe” while having the highest rate of cop crime in the world.

      Only poor people want to move the US or do you see any rich Swiss or smart Germans immigrating to your “great” country”? Lol

    7. @Ralf. You are comparing Switzerland and Germany to the US?? Lol. You are too stupid to understand so I’m not gonna keep it short and sweet and not spend a lot of time on you. 30 years ago Germany was one of the worst places on earth to live. Right up there with Africa and Mexico. They are getting better but the place is still a dump. No one gives a shit about Germany other than they are the prime global example of how NOT to run a nation. Switzerland??? LMAO. 72% of the countries income is from the service industry…. You get what that means??? It’s a tourist trap. All their money is from people vacationing and they wouldn’t last a year if foreigners weren’t holding up their economy. Oh and Let’s not forget about the 124 million a year the US gives to Switzerland in foreign aid e ery year. What have the Swiss done for us lately? I hope Trump wipes them off the map. Try again, kid.

    8. Nice Panties Hate Everyone.!!!!!! But If You Have 9+ Inch Of Dick.????? Nice Panties Like You.!!!!!! If You Fuck Nice Panties With your 9+ inch of Cock.!!!!! Nice Panties Love You.!!!!!!!

    9. Actually, I’m Canadian. I’m pretty well versed on the topic of immigration…not to mention how many Americans are talking about “immigrating” to Canada once Trump is president. We’re actually building a wall to keep you guys out

  3. Well, she’s kind of attractive, so she won’t have any problem making money in the back seat.

  4. Nice Pants, you are one dumb juvenile fvck, aren’t you? America is the greatest place in the world!…only according to Americans that have never been anywhere else in the world. Your American douchebaggery is a classic mix of equal parts smug prick and stupifying ignorance. 30 years ago Germany most certainly was NOT one of the worst places on earth to live. Why would you pick 30 years ago as a date, anyway? Because it was in the middle of a stagnant economic period, perhaps? And as for Germany being a dump today, it’s the biggest economy in the EU and has one of the highest living standards in the world, you cretinous imbecile. Now, Switzerland; the stupidity of your ill-informed comments is staggering. Switzerland receives NO developmental aid from the US, contrary to your patently false claim.

    Switzerland has achieved one of the highest per capita incomes in the world with low unemployment rates and a balanced budget. The economy of Switzerland ranks first in the world in the 2015 Global Innovation Index. Switzerland derives a higher % of GDP from manufacturing and agriculture than the USA and guess what, Einstein, While Switzerland derives 73% of it’s GDP from the Services sector, guess how much it is in the USA? 78%. That’s right, professor fvcktard, 78%. The fact that you think the ‘Service industry’ is money from hotels and holiday goers shows what a ignorant clown you really are. By the way, Fun Fact: Switzerland gives 2.5 times as much as the US in foreign aid, as a percentage of it’s GDP.

    Here’s where the US comes out on top compared with other OECD countries though;

    * Biggest gap between rich and poor.
    * Fastest growing gap between rich and poor
    * Second highest rates of Obesity in the world
    * Near the bottom of the table of 34 OECD countries for high school achievement in math, science, reading.
    * Lowest voter turnout in general elections/US elections ranked worst of all western nations.
    * Lowest access to healthcare/ Most expensive health care system
    * Highest rate of children living in poverty
    * 2nd most ignorant population in OECD (you are the perfect example)
    * Highest number of gun deaths
    * Largest incarcerated population in the world
    * Lowest life expectancy in the OECD

    Your stupidity is mind-blowing. It is too perfect that you are a Trump supporter.

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