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  1. All of this is incomprehensible. But what I do understand is that I am looking at people whose lives are so pathetic they are living them online. They know thousands of people electronically, but likely have zero real friends.

    1. Says the guy who is posting this on a Saturday night. I guess that you don’t have any ‘electronic’ friends on top of no real ones!

  2. MAybe Mark and URGay can become real life friends and plug each others butt holes on Sat nights from now on.

    1. Sorry Bob
      RUGay is already Taking… By Hirundines.!!! Hirundines is LEECHING on RUGay Cock.!!!!

    2. Bob — maybe not everyone thinks that your Saturday night activity is the thing to do. 2homo will be happy to plug your butthole with his tongue though. It doesn’t even have to be on Saturday.

    3. Bob- If 2hormo don’t have the time. I’ll be very happy to tongue your butthole. I also love cum all over my face.

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