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    1. Fuck’s this have to do with Russia? A faggot is a faggot in any language or country. At least in Russia if he goes out waving a rainbow flag in public, this social parasite will be locked up for 24 hours and fined as it should be done in any truly civilized country.

    2. I don’t want to live in a constant state of stupidity, so I’m an autodidact. The person in the video says “Dobre Utro (Доброе Утро),” and that’s Russian. You must be such a happy person (ignorance is bliss), yet I prefer to power to happiness (knowledge is power).

  1. If this guy was about 3x douchier than he acts in this video… He would be about half a douchie as 2homo

    1. Well It’s Nice Panties…. I understand at your Panties Fashion Show, You had 5 Give Away Prize to 5 Gays “Blow- JOBs” and the Grand Prize was 10 Gays Gangbanging You.!!!!

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