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  1. Meet The REAL Hirudinea aka LEECH.!!!! That Cane is for to Beat All of The White Gays Away.!!!! All Dress Up Heading To Her GHETTO.!!!!! Comment Made By 2lolo

    1. Dude will you just stop… your English is horrible. You make zero sense please leave your mothers basement and go get some sunlight

    2. @shutup2lolo…. Thank you…..I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks 2lolo is a dumbass

    3. Easy now brown 2lolo, Hirudinea (WTF??) just likes to type and think that he’s funny to relieve the pain from many cocks bashing his throat.

    4. Somebody should call 2lolo’s mom and let her know what her little boy is doing online.

    5. Online?!?! You should see the size of the giant squash that I shoved up my ASS-O while ofline!!! I think that my ass squirted!!!

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