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  1. That person is close, if not old enough, to drive a car and buy a gun (two lethal weapons in the hands of the stupid). Grab you ankles and pray to what ever higher power you believe in, because we’re screwed.

    1. The most lethal weapon in the hands of the stupid is that they can vote.

  2. I don’t blame the education system. I blame the girl and her parents. She’s probably too busy sucking college guys off and smoking dope and drinking to stay focused in school. At the end of the day school is what you make out of it. You can’t force white trash like this to learn.

  3. Maybe the fact that teachers in the us are paid nothing and the fact that all you need to teach school in the us is a high school diploma ????

    1. Both of your statements about teachers are false. Teachers in the US are appropriately paid ( especially when you look closely at time off) and also require much more than a HS Diploma (The equivalent to a GED) to teach.

    2. You must live in the backwood swamps of Louisiana. I live in a relatively small city of 100k people in the north east and teachers need at least a BA and start off around 40-50k. Sure that isn’t much money but considering they work 6 hours a day for only 9 months with great benefits and a pension their entire life is say they are overpaid. Especially when they get tenure and are making 60-80k for 9 months and end up with 4-5 weeks paid vacation.

    3. @ Anarchy and Nice Panties
      Why are you 2 FAGS Arguing about Teachers.????? It’s Like 2 Fags BRAGGING About The SIZE of Their TAMPONS.!!!!!

    4. Rudimentary knowledge of their own states and presidents were the only facts Americans ever learned in school. So she is just a bit below average.

  4. Young, stupid, white jailbait is what guys like. Can’t deny that!!! But seriously, teachers are underpaid.

  5. Hope she likes the taste of come and strange dicks in her twat ’cause she ain’t making money any way else!

  6. The funny part is she’s right: the District of Columbia is not a state of the United States of America…

  7. But everyone here is missing the point: someone from Columbia shouldn’t be allowed the chance to be Miss America.

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