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  1. I want my goddamn money! You piece of shit putting this on the internet and issuing a $20 challenge! I watched it, now I want my goddamn money!

  2. hmm lost as soon as i heard the voice… There’s things that people shouldn’t post online and this tragedy is one of them.

  3. I realise she has tits, but this is awful. Even adding the tits back into the equation, it’s absolutely not worth it. Having tits is not an excuse to be fucking useless.

  4. By one minute in I was looking for the ritual suicide liturgy in my church’s hymnbook. I don’t need 20 bucks that bad.

  5. Great…the new Rebecca Black… Oh, and @Morteaotiosam…you owe me $40 for that Brasil shit. God, I thought that bubblegum shit was bad. At least she is just some frickin 20 something blond who is still got the mental capicity of a 13 year old who got some even dumber dude to put up the money for that shit. That Brasil crap, borderline bullet in the head after watching that horrid nonsense

  6. I have great strength of will. I am due $20. I kept thinking that hair was going to get stuck in her lollipop. And wondering what the rest of the cast did in a past life.

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