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    1. No. This is not what a nice feminine ass looks like. You are either brainwashed into thinking this is attractive by one of the stupid American trends, or projecting your love of male ass.

  1. Truely egocentric retard comments seriously. Honnestly if she can’t enter the fucking retarded team of the football witch to me is a pure lost of time and a very low aim at life in general just make a damn women team and be done with it. And when there will be listeners it will go national (though I have to admit that i’ve never really seen any women only sport getting much interest beyond looking at their ass) Witch reflect the very poor intellectual society we live in.

    1. @megaverse Which site do I look on to find the “fucking retarded team of the football witch”? I just want to know what a football witch is and where I can find it.

    1. No Frankie, you’re wrong. According to Spokk, that’s a man’s ass. 🙂

      Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on Spokk’s part.

  2. In fairness she can throw. The reason you need a penis for this game, is so that you don’t get bones and noses broken love. If you are prepared to end up looking like frank bruno, by all means go for it. If you ever want a boyfriend again, then don’t. It’s not male oppression, it’s simply your choice.

  3. You are fucking amazing. Screw what that guy says . Your a keeper i know you would still look great!. I think you do alot better then half the men ive seen. #playlikeagirl

  4. How many takes did it take, for you to hit the box? Oh, wearing SKIN TIGHT crap, is just a distraction to show off your body to get more hits on youtube. If you REALLY want to prove your talent, suit up in a full uniform, pads & helmet.

  5. Would be nice to see three tries in a row instead of just the one throw, that may or may not have took her 100 tries, just saying

  6. She punches the ball. No follow through on any of the passes. She is clearly awkward at best, but wants her looks to cover this up. I know that I know that im not the best in the league, but this girl aint got nothing on me.

  7. That is not a regulation sized football. It is a junior size football. If it were regulation size, she would have a lot more trouble throwing it, because her hands are not large enough to handle it effectively.

  8. Stupid Americunts… Take a football and change the shape, then pick it up, run with it whilst giving it a bit of a hug then throw it around. The clues in the name… FOOTball… wankers!

  9. No bitch. You DON’T need a penis for that you whining little cunt. Your fellow cunts have done everything they can to infiltrate mens shit. WE DON’T WANT YOU IN OUR SHIT. It is THAT FUCKING SIMPLE. You have a womens league no go fucking destroy in it. You DO NOT get to play with the men simply because you WANT to. WE DO NOT want to.

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