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  1. i think left side is real guessing by the trees and road, right side shakes his head too much like over-exaggerating

    1. Right is real, the vibrations are cause by the racing suspension (very hard), he has to tilt the head this much tio keep it from being ripped open by the centrifugal force and the mirrors on the left are at the wrong angle – if we can see them this well the driver won’t see them at all.

    2. Centrifugal Force is Imaginary. Centrifugal force is not an actual force, it is fake. Centrifugal force should be deleted from your memory, but since that is impossible, associate Centrifugal Force solely with Fake Force or nonexistent force.

    3. cen·trif·u·gal force
      an apparent force that acts outward on a body moving around a center, arising from the body’s inertia.

    4. No, centrifugal force is not a true force but it’s still a good name for what’s taking place.

  2. El De LA izquierda es el real, so ponen atencion end los espejos retrovisores, el De LA izquierda cambia lo que we refleja. Y el De LA dercha as siempre lo mismo

  3. I think its the right ome , he turned his wheel for a sec the wrong way. the other guy didnt do that. Plus the skid marks on road so left is real IMO

  4. left is the game, if you look at the mirrors they are set up for that camera view, as the one in the rights mirrors are set up for the drivers view. deeming the right video the real one.

  5. The one on the right is the real thing the one on the left is fake watch the head to arm movement left is exactly the same as the arm moves the head moves the guy on the right is actually driving and racing like a real driver and he is looking and correcting the way the car is moving turning the wheel in the opposite direction because the ass end of the car was trying to slide out from underneath him any dipshit that has drove in the rain/snow can tell you that.

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