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  1. You NEVER do that to someone’s neck. EVER.
    This guy is a quack. He most likely caused damage to her neck and spine.

    1. Absolutely all chiropracty is quackery. It’s highly dangerous and and any perception of benefit by the patient is pure placebo.

    2. Yea he probably wrecked her neck and spine but now that she’s crippled for life she’ll keep coming back to him or some other spine cracker so he’s not a quack he’s an evil genius!

    3. That happen to me once. He did so hard that it pulled my 8 inch dick into a 1 inch dick

  2. She was probably faking an injury from the start trying to get SSI or collect a payday for a fake fall. It’s only suiting that she gets hurt. I bet she’s faking here too trying to file another false lawsuit. Why else would these idiots be recording this BS

  3. Yeah I’m sure she’s faking after that crook tried to rip her head off. Jesus christ you are such a fucking moron…

  4. this is bullshit…i see this guy on youtube about 3 months ago… if epicfail shows you the whole video, it shows a women that has severe sciatica pain and she cant stand upright very well…by the end of the torture/treatment, she stands up better than ever…the best part is when he uses the power tools she screams like he’s killing her lol

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