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  1. These Daisy Duke, halter top wearing fairies are just about on the same level as soccer players. The only difference is they don’t fall over and flop and roll around on the ground while crying bloody murder everytime someone comes within 3 feet of them. The only good thing I have to say about Ruby is no one who plays it has 2 brain cells in their head so there is no need to wear a helmet when they are in their 22 man circle jerk… He, I lean scrum.

    1. @ nice pants.
      FYI American football is based on rugby and it was a professional rugby player that developed the first standard rules of the game, also, you need to have a lot of guts to tackle an 18 stone guy moving at over 20mph wearing no protection, unlike “football” where you’re wearing an exoskeleton. And if you had ever played/watched an amateur game you would see that there are no holds bared, such as, in scrums, stamping on feet, ripping out armpit hair, punches, even biting. Then they get crushed under several players but continue to play.
      I knew a guy that broke his wrist but kept on playing. These are not boys trying to be men. They simply are men.
      I agree with you about “soccer” tho, those guys are pussies.

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