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    1. Ah I’m sure she takes huge ones in the eye all the time, she just doesn’t squeal as much.

    2. I’m a wimpy little virgin so I’ll never know about cumming while a woman is actually present. Wait, does wanking to pornhub count as sex?

    3. Hi everyone! I am so sorry I always have been an asshole, but I have been craving cock for too long now. So one of you has to take one for the team, please. I need some semen in my stomach!!!

    4. I get cum shot in my eyes all the time. It’s no big deal. And on my face too, when I’m not swallowing it. It’s good for the skin.

  1. Wait until tomorrow morning. Hot peppers burn twice, dab not wipe. If you wipe, make sure it’s front to back.

  2. A peperoncini? ANd she thinks thats hot? FUck ME the only thing milder is a sweet pepper. Those things are the SJWs of the hot pepper world. They got a participation medal for scoring 1 on the hot scale.

    1. Jesus h christ listenening to that worthless cunt whale away while her mother asks what happened reminds me how useless women are in any situation that requires someone not to freak out and cry like this wrtthless cunt.

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