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  1. What a fucking moron.
    You sure as shit won’t have any steering when the front wheel is ripped off.
    Dumb ass Canadians.

  2. Well not only is this stupid fucking chink (not Canadian please, just cause he lives here doesn’t make him Canadian) not only did this, he also did it in his parents car and he did this after driving away from a hit and run, total fucking asshole!

    1. For someone who criticises immigrants, one would assume that the critic at least had a basic understanding of the English language and grammar.

      You failed, please sit in the corner with your dunce hat.

    2. Ralf- Your a pedantic little grammar nazi, if you can’t come up with something better than the above get the fuck out.

      2lolo – I am a Canadian you Gorilla penis, it’s just this fucking gook waste of space driving the Porsche isn’t, I believe in keeping the Great White North WHITE!

      Sunny – Try Global News B.C. from Thursday, they might have it.

    3. BTW, I am a feeble minded racist — but I do have a soft spot for big black cock (actually a couple of spots, my mouth and asshole!!!) and a big 3 incher when I see one!!!

  3. hmm, looks like a hit and run as the racist Hirudinea mentions, and looks like he is trying not very well to hide the evidence.

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