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  1. Oh now this is too much, I must protest! I come here to leave a clever comment about how I haven’t seen grilling so nasty since I saw those films of the liberation of Auschwitz and not only has 2lolo pre-insulted me (and poorly I might add, there is only one black dog there but I guess you see black dicks everywhere) but he has also answered his own insult with my name, this is an outrage and I want the Admin of this site to punish 2lolo right now, no more black cock for a week!

    1. @ Hirudinea
      What About ANARCHY.???? Anarchy Is Blacker Than Black.!!!!! Anarchy Come From DARK Africa.!!!!! You Going To Miss Anarchy 13 inch Cock.!!!!!!

  2. Well at least if the pictures or GIFs aren’t a Fail we can always count on these clowns to be in the comments. So predictable.

  3. Well I’m perfectly willing to make droll comments on humourous pictures but I keep attracting mental defectives who want to shout inane obscenities at me, now I know how Donald Trump feels.

    1. I like black cocks and I don’t know why
      Whenever a black dudude waaalks by
      My jaw drops — OK end of song, time to get down to business :0 ~~~

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