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  1. I’d come at her with my cock. It’s no pea, tho. It may not be a monster cock, but I am taking male enhancers.

    1. Shut up you can guzzling queen. Your epic fail of coming to this site and trying to convince your straight is a pathetic display. 2homo has accepted his and embraced his gayness. Time for you to do the same.

    2. Hey, Mice Pants! … Uh, … uh, … fuck you! Yeah! That’s it! Fuck you!

      Embrace your ass cheeks, spread them wide apart, and squat down on a whole pack of Roman candles, okay?

    3. Hey, Mouse Penis! How ’bout I creampie your nasal cavities, you hogheaded mutherfucker?

    4. @ Doralingis That’s Nice Panties, Not Mice or Mouse Pants.!!!!! Get It F’ing Right.!!!! Nice Panties is Piss-Off at You.!!!! Because You Took His Girlfriend Hirudinea From Him.!!!!!

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