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  1. I’ll bet the fuckwit that came up with this idea has one of those dumb constant-mouth-gaped looks on his face.

    1. Well if thats the case then I’m pretty sure that means 2lolo owns this. Make sense he needed the vette front-end to make it easy for his bf to park it right up his ass but needed the 4×4 for all that mud.

    2. Please take me on instead, I just swallow it all and then quietly wait for the next time you drop by. Plenty of cocks around for me to suck on.

  2. @Hirudinea I See You Found Yourself a New Boyfriend… I Don’t Think Dude Has a Big Cock.???? He’s a White BOY.!!!!!

    1. You know I’m not into guys, I was just warning him that your a clingy little bitch and will be on his cock like white on rice if he acknowledges you, God knows I can’t get rid of your and your more annoying than genital warts. (Which with all your STIs I’m sure you know all about.)

    2. I am not into guys, I just like guys in me — especially ones with big cocks! Like I said above, I will be on his cock like white on rice…

  3. 2lolo and Hirudinea why are the two of you always talking about cock or about each other so much. Its a wee bit annoying to have a little hope that the comments will be funny but nope… its you two jerking off each others egos. the real fail is the two of you.

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