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    1. It doesn’t help that I was sitting on the shifter at the time. Oops, my bad! But it felt good.

  1. My first thought was, how do we know that’s what happened? Then you see the back wheel really did completely lock up. Wow, total rollover. Those bikers were faced with a big decision. I’m someone is seriously injured or died, they could be charged with a felony for having caused it by racing. If they drive away, they could be charged with a felony even if the occupants were only lightly injured (which is certain to be the case, at least).

    1. STFU you idiot. You should face felony charges for posting such a stupid comment. Sure, charge the bikers for speeding or maybe wreck less driving. There is no evidence at all they were racing and further more it it quite obvious they didn’t cause the welreck in any way. Next time save face and don’t even post. You’ll thank me for my advice in the future

    2. You are a fucking moron… excessive speeding = racing, so you shut the fuck up you little bitch

    3. ‘wreck less’ driving?? WTF? You want to charge someone for driving without wrecking? You are a moron.

    4. The biker with the Camera comes to a stop at the end so it would be nice to assume they went back and contacted emergency services.

  2. By the way, if the girl did pull the handbrake because she was telling him to slow down and she felt he was endangering her life, I don’t blame her. I have experienced, being a passenger in some asshole’s car (for some reason), and realizing he’s putting my life on the line for his enjoyment when he speeds down a narrow street at 100 mph. Fuck that.

    1. Lol… So you don’t blame her and you would do the same thing??? Do you even comprehend how retarded you sound? I guess when you made the car roll over, totalled a car, and probably suffered pretty significant injuries you would accept full responsibility since you see what such stupidity gets you.

  3. oh im pathetic i need attention i have 25 years and am a fat ass prostitute on a couch i’m really a looser oh god your wrong im right i have no life oh oh

  4. Am I the only person to have noticed that it appears (at approximately 24 second in) the car’s front right tire is flat?

  5. Okay folks, when your tire blows out at high speeds, remain going straight, keep your foot away from the gas, and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR BRAKE (at least until the tire drag slows you down to a reasonable speed-like 25mph). The best thing is to tap the gas when it happens slightly, then decelerate without the brake. But for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT TURN THE WHEEL OR GO NEAR THE BRAKE. That is all.

    1. @ WTF
      Wow.!!!! Thanks for that Lesson.!!!! Is That What You Do Whenever You F’ing Hirudinea ASS.!!!!!! I’ll Try That Next Time I F’ing Your Mother.!!!!! Thank You 2lolo

  6. Yeh so it wasnt a race or handbrake, the tyre was flat, the bikers tried to warn the guy and he flipped the car like an idiot.

    Not at any fault of anyone and not racing either.

    everyone is an asshole

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