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  1. Good for her, tired of these idiot pranksters thinking they can do all this stupid shit and say its ok because its on video. Lol get rekt.

    1. Pranks are awesome. And often times very funny. But first off of all the people you DO NOT want to prank or piss off are the people that prepare your food. And second this was not even close to being a funny prank from the start. I’m glad she did what she did… But she probably got reprimanded.

    1. fast food will be a tough gig to replace.

      Hint: Most of us don’t consider fast food a career

  2. You said it first pal. I was just cracking a joke about the poster because she will probably be looking for a new job and that is what the poster is offering help with. So yeah what I said makes sense.

  3. The douche bags deserved exactly what happened. I can’t believe they didn’t delete the video immediately. As far as the girl goes, I would give her a raise. She should be rewarded for standing up to that jackass.

  4. The problem is: Guess who had to go looking for a new job afterwards. Hint: It wasn’t the idiot in the car.
    Sad but true.

  5. The point y’all are missing is that by the time somebody’s decided to throw a drink at a customer like that, that person is probably already sick of saying to themselves “Fuck this job, I hate this job, they make other jobs.”

  6. Pricks. Plus if they complained even bigger cunts. If you can’t take it then don’t dish it. Also if she lost her job over it, I don’t think it will be too hard to get another job of similar merit so I really don’t think that will bother her too much. And besides probably just a summer job while she puts herself through college.

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