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  1. Jesus Christ…. Talk about dumb and dumber. The lady was being a dumb bitch and they guy was a cry baby bastard. I would have told her twice to get out of my car and if she didn’t I would have drove her right to the police station. She wouldn’t get in any trouble but I will guarantee she would have got out of the car. And why the hell do people even bother to be uber drivers??? They don’t even make minimum wage. I know 2 people who did it for a few days and said it was the biggest waste of time ever.

    1. “I would have drove her right to the police station…I will guarantee she would have got out of the car”

      How about you tell her twice then get her the fuck out of YOUR vehicle. You’re a fucking man, act like one !

  2. If that bitch were in my car, I’d just put on some Megadeth and crank it up to fucking eleven. She’d leave very quickly.

  3. The woman is a piece of shit, He cannot legally take her to the E.R. Uber/Taxi’s cannot do this, only can they take you to the main entrance like he did for her. She keeps asking her destination? He told you its the Main entrance to the hospital multiple times. This woman was provoking him. Most ppl would have flipped out as he did, glad he had the mindset not to knock her out though. Not sure I could have done so well.

    1. “Most ppl would have flipped out as he did, glad he had the mindset not to knock her out though…”

      Screaming like an hysterical cunt is a typical woman behavior. Stop yelling and do something about it for fuck’s sake !

      No need to yell, no need to call the cops, no need to knock her out, you just open her fucking door and make her understand that she’s getting out, either by herself or by force…

    2. That cab driver should have just told her that he legally cannot drive her to the E.R. entrance… and the problem would have been solved? Or maybe not. That woman knew she was at the hospital but all she could say was “sir, where am I, sir? Sir, can you tell me where I am, sir?”

  4. I don’t know UBER rules where they can or can not drop you off, but this serves her right for using UBER. These type of services skirt around the law and get away without paying hundreds of thousands/sometimes a million + in tact cab medallions. As far as I’m concerned UBER is illegal.

  5. This cunt turns her camera right when he starts to flip out. We have no idea what transpired before that, but by his behavior she must have been a real pain in the ass.

  6. She sounds like an entitled welfare queen, accent can be Latina maybe. You see them all the time at the checkout line with steak,lobster and quality ham paid with an EBT CARD atop that she reeks of weed and has an iphone.

  7. The way that Uber driver was freaking out, it’s a good thing he was at the hospital. He looked like he was going to have a heart attack or stroke yelling like that.

    And doesn’t she get to leave a review for him???

  8. I am an Uber driver with over 2900 rides. I have never had a passenger this stupid in my car. He is behaving like a spoilt kid. All you do is drive to the car park, leave the car, go to the hospital cafeteria and come back after a break, alternatively just wait quietly for the next ride and continue working – just ignore the bitch. Someone said we do not know what happened before she started recording, but you can be sure he didn’t throw the tantrum out of nowhere, childish as it is.

  9. @ Bruce H. Medallions are part of what is wrong with the taxi industry. How could you ever earn enough money to cover a $1mil medallion without corrupt politician, mob enforced monopolies, and outrageously inflated prices. And let’s not forget, some seriously filthy vehicles. As far as most people I know feel, your taxi industry can’t go bankrupt fast enough. Good riddance! Viva la Uber!

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