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  1. So, you’re alone with ALL his possessions… and have two hours to kill before your interview?
    Revenge is sweet.

  2. Look at his cuck language and expression.

    He doesn’t even call his ‘friends’ faggots after they just fucked up his potential job opportunity.

    1. Maybe he has a better grasp of the english language and can get his point across without resorting to such base form of expression.

  3. Of course because thats what friends do, fuck up your life. Idiot, those arent friends. No fucking class or self respect.

  4. Both his friends and that guy are morons. Any one even a blind deaf person can pick the lock on that u-lock with a paper clip in a minute or less. Only morons can play pranks on morons .

  5. Best joke ever!!! i will do it too!!!

    I just have to find a U-lock, an appartment and a housemate… 🙂

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