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  1. Um, no. She did not reject anything. He is going around, doing idiotic stuff, talking to strangers and, apparently, asking them not to be shy. There was nothing to reject, she just ignored him, as normal people do when a strangers asks them retarded questions in public.

    1. um, yes, he got rejected. he attempted, she ignored, kept walking, and laughed at his weak attempt. R E J E C T E D

    2. Believe it or not, many people get to know each other by being in the same place at the same time and making small talk with each other despite the fact they are total strangers. I would bet that would have talked with this Mega douche if he didn’t walk up to her with his phone in her face recording their encounter. Just another awkward millennial dipshit who doesn’t know how to have simple human interaction. He might as well stick to playing Pokemon GO with all the other creeps and pedos

    3. @LOL
      Attempt? What was he attepmting? I see him recording a stranger on a camera. He did attempt to communicate, and that attempt was not rejected, it was ignored, which is fundamentally different. Do you fucking braindead idiots feel so entitled that you think somebody not talking to you is a rejection? What the fuck?

      @Nice Pants
      Americans do that? Disgusting. Normal people do not talk to people they have absolutely nothing in common with. That’s just intrusion. No wonder American society is full of self-entitled individualistic cunts.

    4. Spokk. I totally agree when I lived in London if you spoke to a stranger on the underground, you would more likly to get a punch than a reply.

    5. So by the sounds of things you Londoners are the biggest douches on earth. “oh no!!! Someone talked to me…. What should I do!!!” lol. Fags. I bet you’d talk to a stranger if a Pokemon was in the area. LMAO. Lol.

    6. don’t u wtf me u lil TWAT! the title of his vid on twitch said girls & pokemon, gotta catch em all! u can keep jacking him off all u like, it was a LAME pickup ATTEMPT and he was R E J E C T E D

    7. @Nice Pants
      Guess why the whole world thinks Americans are obnoxious and loud idiots. Because talking to strangers is obnoxious.

    8. nvm the retard guys. it’s american culture to be obnoxious. they don’t mind it when they do it to each other, that’s why it’s “small talk” to them. they also can’t handle criticism and make an ass of themselves when arguing with others (if you followed my “discussion” with him on that hillary post you’ll know what I mean), they are complete idiots.

  2. The old I can make u a “staahrrr” pick up line. Look, women know at the end of that line theirs usually a kidnapping and body mutilation following. Nothing good happens after someone promises you that.

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