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  1. Listen to these two jealous fags above me. “Entitled fuckwad”? “Asshole”? “Poor people”? You little pussies should give up your paper routes and try to make something of yourselves instead of coming here and hating on someone who has what you dream of having. Losers!

    1. You are the loser.. the others are correct.. and I would smash your window in a second if you ran a stop sign then beeped at me..

    2. I agree with LOL!! The previous commenters are twats. But realistically who cares. If he can afford a million dollar car he can afford to fix the windshield. Life goes on.

  2. I’m torn on this one… definitely a fail for the inattentive jackass driver of the luxury car running a stop sign with a person in the crosswalk, but kind of a win for the kid with the skate board. Hope the kid got away and the driver learned that just because you own an expensive car doesn’t mean you own the public road you’re traveling on.

  3. I would kill that faggot. Don’t be mad cuz people work hard and buy nice things with their hrd earned money. U want a fucking hand out? Get a job twat

    1. WTF are you talking about.. who the heck talked about a handout.. the dick in the car ran a stop sign and then honks at a person in the crosswalk, if it was me, a broken windshield is not the only thing he would have..

  4. If the guy that smashed that windshield stood there and fought like a man, I’d have respect for him, considering he damn near got hit in the crosswalk. But to hit and run like a scalded dog? That’s a bitch move. The lil pussy deserves to get his face smashed in just like that windshield.

    1. That guy was clearly a kid. People who drive powerful which are pointless on roads apart from the autobahn, I suspect he’s making up for something.

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