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    1. That’s no way to talk about your mom. I’ll come back and get my shoes I left by the bed later

    2. I was searching for just the right words to express my feelings about this…thing…but I can’t improve on yours.

    1. That’s because after the first n!gger that gets her pregnant, is going to haul ass.
      Once you go black, you’re a single mom forever.

  1. Fat 14 year olds dancing just never did it for me. Poor dad handed out the cash to make the video – hope he had money to burn.

    1. I’m double jointed so I can suck myself on those quiet nights. Like tonight when I talk to myself…

  2. i don’t see the difference between the garbage we see today in music with rihanna beyonce taylor swift and the other bullshit singer who love to be call artist or genius, star etc …

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