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    1. Donald Trump’s nomination as a candidate for the American Presidency is proof enough that American’s are complete retards.

    2. Tosser! Apparently, you’re not very bright since you can’t tell that the picture is quite obviously staged. Just another loud mouth internet warrior.

    3. That’s an interesting comment JD, considering that girl (?) looks like 14-year-old Bernie Sanders. JD… deal with it. Your cult of stupidity is dead. Trump is the best hope ‘Murica has to at least stop from failing entirely. And yes, that means you and those like you are done. Thankfully! Swallow it. I know it stings.

    1. I have to disappoint you buddy. Like the responsible person that I am, I checked my sources before posting. The only places I found Nair Lotion were from the US, not Britain.

      So there you go…

    2. Lenny… just cuz it’s mainly found in us doesn’t mean u can’t get it elsewhere… eBay ships everywhere

    1. I was thinking the same thing, how can anyone miss the fact it says lotion in pretty big font and the chicks legs on it.

  1. I love how peoplease from the UK r so high and mighty and quick to talk shit. If yall worried more about protecting yall borders as yall r about Americans being fat or Donald Trump being our next president yall wouldn’t have nearly as many problems as yall do

    1. It’s your country’s fault that Europe has so many refugees you american ignoramus. If your government would stop “spreading democracy”, maybe Europe wouldn’t have to deal with all this shit right now.

    2. No yall bad mouth us cuz we won’t take in refugees and yall take them now they r taking over ama murdering pl. But of course ur ignorant ass is going to blame the u.s.

    1. I know because the last guy that I blew tried to nair his pubes, now my eyes are sore…

  2. I call this totally fake for the following reasons. 1) Why would anyone mistake a bottle with legs in the graphics to be shampoo, or do some people really shampoo their leg hair? 2) Who would think a bottle with the word lotion clearly on the front think it was shampoo? 3) Would anyone really not notice the bottle graphics state TWICE hair removal? 4) Nair is not a new product, it’s been around about 40 years, making it very difficult to believe anyone, in an area where Nair is available, would not know what Nair is. 5) And probably the biggest indication, the pink shirt with the words anniversary, what appears to be the name Jenyfer someone and the beginning of memorial, do suggest this is part of a, possibly 10th, memorial anniversary of the death of a remembered or loved person named Jenyfer following a struggle with cancer and serious cancer treatment which resulted in the loss of Jenyfer’s hair.

  3. Wtf, how the hell does someone always seem to start a fight about some stupid shit in the comments. It’s either country vs country, Trump vs everyone or how fat we Americans are. If you cant find a person that wants to talk about you opinions face to face then, we sure as hell don’t want to hear them either.

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