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  1. It was a cool trick and all. But the way they all celebrate like a bunch of asphalt apes that just found a watermelon on the side of the road makes them look like idiots.

  2. I must have missed the “humiliate” part. I saw the “ignore,” “disrespect,” and “endanger” but “humiliate” seems like it should be when he pulled out written permission from the owner to do a silly stunt.

  3. So, some punk-assed, wanna kill-itself, entitled little kid decides to abuse himself on someone else’s property and the OP thinks he has any right to claim the punk (and he) were in the right?

    I’d have rather seen the idiot break his neck on camera and land directly under a No Trespassing sign so that he would be totally responsible and liable for his own ass getting killed.

    These clowns are why that entire generation is getting such a bad rap. Congratulations – you’re an ass and proved it on camera – FAIL.

    1. Congratulations – you’ll probably be dead before that kid and you won’t have to see things that slightly annoy you.

  4. Cool so now we can all go over to dipshit’s Mom’s house and fuck up her stairs and rails and buzz past them every time they try to leave the house. Go to a bike park ya bunch of miscreants. Stop destroying other people’s property. This video is not cool at all. Stop glorifying criminals.

    1. I use douchebags to clear my ass of semen on a daily basis. Funny, often enough the semen is seaman semen ;P

    2. Well 2lolo I’m sure the black community will be thrilled with your dedication to anal hygiene.

  5. What a weapon!! lands on his head twice and keeps going! what a tool for destroying property with his face on concrete. next thing he will be downloading movie and music content illegally. Future career criminal

  6. this should be a fail, not a win…disrespectful little shits should get their ass whooped and spend some time in jail

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