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    1. If I was driving and if that was a black dude, I would let him ride my backseat in the front seat!!!

    2. Yes, yes 2lolo, we all know you like n!gger junk in your nasty trunk, now stop using my name.

    3. Tell me what’s my name! Hirudinea — some language for I like black cock up my ASS-O!!!

  1. That driver was mean. She should have let the nice lady sit in the front seat. I hope she didn’t pay for that ride.

    1. Yes, because that’s how the world works. When you are a drunk dumba$$ who tries to endanger your own life, the life of your driver, and the lives of the other people driving around you on the freeway, then you should get a free ride from the “mean person” who stops you from doing so.

      P.S. On a side note, this is the 21st century. Why is there not a sarcasm font yet?

  2. Wow that is some restraint. It would have been fair to beat her with a tire iron and leave her for death. How are people raised these days that they think they can talk to people like that??? Even when drunk. Bitch was ugly to begin with anyway. Probably fell asleep sucking off some dude at the Jack in the Box.

  3. What a fucking cunt for putting this on the internet, i hope she sues the uber driver for everything she’s got.

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