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    1. @2lolo… My sister weighs about 400 lbs so help yourself. She is looking for a man. You better strap a 2×4 across your ass so you don’t fall in.

    2. @TheReal2lolo , nah, 2lolo’s dick is so tiny she wouldn’t feel anything. I’d suggest using his right (which is significantly bigger ’cause he’s jerking off to fat black daddies all the time), but he’s using it right now, so she’s out of luck

    3. STOP LAYING.!!!!! Your Mother Is NOT DEAD YET.!!!!! She LOVES My 9 Inch. Cock In Her Mouth and Ass.!!!! As For Your Sister ( Kid Sister ), I’m Training Her How To Lick My Ass.!!!!

    4. @2lolo… Laying? Who is Laying? My sister told me th only way you have nine inches is if you took the actual length of your dick and multiplied it by three and added two then you would have nine inches. The only reason you are teaching to lick your ass is because you dick is so small.

  1. I can only hope that this was done as a goof. If someone actually thought he has any talent I’m concerned that they need an intervention for their crack habit.

    1. That’s a girl? I thought it was something that I want to avoid in the bathroom of a Target store.

  2. I would suck his asshole, who cares about lack of talent? Where there is a guys ass you will find Hirudineas mouth!!

  3. A white guy trying to sound black, backed up by a girl with a few too many cheeseburgers on her stomach and hips. So, why did he make this video??

  4. 40% (perhaps more) of western civilization has degraded into, basically, mental patients. It’s become mainstream to be defective. No wonder HITLERy Clinton has a huge voter base. They all come from this pool of degenerates who belong in an institution instead of out in public, but Washington and their puppeteers unlocked the door and let them all out. Now it’s an urban jungle stocked full of psychotics with only intermittent normal people who believe there’s a way to save themselves. Wrong. It is too late.

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