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  1. Just imagine how disgusting these people and their vehicles must be that the only way to get them remotely clean is to use a pressure washer designed to take bugs, tar, and miles of grime and dirt off a metal surface.

    This might have been in Australia…. But guaranteed it started in America’s Hat.

    1. Austria, Australia, same difference. God bless the USA (they need all the help they can get!)

    2. Austria/australia. What’s the difference? They are both 3rd world countries. Australia’s claim to fame is being European riff Raff, big spiders, and trashy skanks covered in ink. They are about one notch above Canadians.

      And Austria??? Don’t they still live in mud huts and get around by ricksha and mules?

    3. Awwww now you try to justify your stupidity by saying “what’s the difference”.

      Thanks for the help at proving my point again though. 🙂

  2. Is it bad that the first thing that came to my mind was that she committed some crime and was trying to blast out the blood or evidence? Its true. Not everyone is truly stupid, some may have a real motive/purpose for doing “dumb things”. Hell, they may even try to claim it under the insurance by saying “they didn’t know” and they end up replacing the interior. Problem/Crime solved…and paid for by someone else.

  3. She probably just killed her husband and is trying to get rid of the evidence. Question…why do women with bird legs insist on wearing Daisy Duke shorts?

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