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  1. Pakistan or similar? More then one German has told me the akward moment of being told “Good job with the Jews!” while in Pakistan.

    1. My guess is Thailand. Hitler seems to have turned into a bizarre marketing design element there.

  2. Oh Nice Pants it looks like 2lolo has shifted his obsession to you, don’t worry though he doesn’t have the intellect to keep it up, he’ll see shiny object or n!gger dick and forget about this.

  3. Oh, this is made by the Hitler Confectionery Company, they make everything, except Jew Jew-bs! (Man that was a long way to go for that pun!)

    1. And I swallowed all of it because he is my hero. I only wish that I could have been his nephew (neice), then I could have tasted his fuherernes

  4. Well then your definitely not me, I wouldn’t get within 50 feet of 2lolo’s mother without a biohazard suit!

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