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    1. Hey the same thing happened to 2lolo, well it was because of genital warts from sucking so much cock but the rest of the story is identical!

    1. At least you got to listen to music sitting on your porch enjoying a private concerto. 2lolo had to let them all use him as their cum dumpster for a year and he didn’t get such an honor.

    2. NotHirudinea you can’t be that dumb? when Van Halen band played in my backyard is my butt hole. want some to

  1. Well, some of the improvised bits sucked, but heck, apart from a few gaffes it still sounded quite okay for the most part. Everyone who knows a bit about guitar playing knows that while Eddie is GOOD, his true talent lies in showmanship. And yet it’s only fair to expect better. Take Rory Gallagher: He performed EXCLUSIVELY in an inebriated state, yet he never flubbed.

  2. Eddie is indeed not that great a guitar player, but the greatest guitar players usually remain unknown to the non-guitar players (i.e. the vast majority of people). Slash is the best example of how mediocre guitar players can become the most famous.
    BTW, who the fuck is Rory Gallangher… had to google him, and he sucks.

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