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    1. @GetARope, You’re 100% correct. Hitlery voters are the most ignorant and idiotic people within our nation. They proudly say openly “I’m with her.” Totally ignoring the fact that Hitlery is responsible for many major US spies having their cover blown while on assignment. One was a nuclear scientist for Iran who was executed as a result of Hitlery email server gate. Where she was selling US assets, Info, and even the highest level of technology which is (SAP) SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAMS. HITLERY also gave a pallet of 400 million USD to ISIS / ISIL , PARDONGATE , WHITEWATER , NAFTA , the clinton foundtion fraud AND THE LIST GOES ON FOREVER… HITLERY IS THE MOST CORRUPT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE EVER. SHE’S EVEN MORE CORRUPT THAN GEORGE W. BUSH SENIOR AND HE WENT FROM BEING A FORMER DIRECTOR OF THE CIA TO VICE PRESIDENT TO PRESIDENT AND HILLARY IS WAY MORE CORRUPT. HUMA ABEDIN HILLARY’S TOP ADVISOR WHICH HAD BEEN SECRETLY RECORDING HILLARY’S TREASONOUS MEETINGS WITH MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD LEADERS TO CONSPIRE AGAINST THE united states of America videos are going to be released and Hillary is going to prison.

    1. Hello ChienSale
      I want to make a large order of thong panties all colors and size. When will you be over at my home?

  1. I like to get up early, take photos of the nature trails, flowers, wildlife etc on the weekends. Even around sunup, you see people out, like ZOMBIES looking for pokemon…morons.

  2. hahahaha the level of ignorance in here is simply sad.. It’s not even funny anymore. Please hilary for prison 2016 help us save america and making it great again by killing yourself.

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