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    1. Yes, she will. This is way too much of an effort to conceal that shit too. A concealed effort. This bitch is nothing but a problem. He should fuck every female at college that he can and flaunt it at her. Get this crazy shit over and done with. She’s what I like to call, “a fuckwit”.

  1. IDK who’s the biggest loser??? The girl for trying to be serious about this bulls hit. Or the guy for putting up with it?

    Nah, it’s poopr and get a rope for drooling over this slag because despite the fact she’s crazier than a bed bug, she’s still Better than. Any gash they could ever pull.

  2. Fuck, women are stupid – I’d drop this cunt like a bag of STD’s. Just as pathetic are the men who put up with women’s endless, entitled bullshit, like this chump here, and any other man who lets women walk all over them and control them.

  3. Well, those types of girls, are always more afraid to “Lose”, just like Fat girls, so they make a better effort in bed! 😉

  4. He has to listen….do you see where her hand is?
    This is a threat, make now bones about it.
    I think she’s requiring him to leave certain collateral with her.

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