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  1. This isn’t funny. I was driving that car and I still have nightmares about this all the time. I killed that kid…and it wasn’t even 2lolo.

  2. I like it!!! Still not sure whaty favorite part is though. The bike flying 100 feet… Or the hipster faggot with the pegged pants getting tossed like a rag doll. Good thing that little helmet made him invincible.

    1. Dear Hirudinea
      A shipment came in new Open Crotch Butterfly Thongs Panties. just your size XXXL. Remember ever 10 gets you a blow job and a case will get you ass to mouth.

  3. That’ll put a dent in the Bumper!

    I really don’t get this mostly “American” thing, where you have to always do “Stunts” straight towards an active road…

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