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  1. After “she” found out he was coming to China, “she” probably frantically made an appointment for surgery to remove “her” penis.

  2. 2lolo did the all most the same thing to me. 2lolo told me to visit him in Africa, at the airport 2lolo send a car to pick me up. The driver took me to a backwater town and 25 nigges rape me and use me as a sex slave.
    I Hate you 2lolo.

    1. Last time I flew to china to meet a guy I was disappointed. His dick was even smaller than mine — I thought that was impossible.

  3. The fact that he was willing to wait for 10 days at an airport for some sketch foreign woman should be a WAKE UP CALL to western women…

  4. Subfail: Does the person who did the video actually not know the difference between a visa (required for international travel) and a VISA (brand of credit card)?

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