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  1. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, I’m the fucking retard for being so disrespectful. Problem is, my dick is flaccid and my boyfriend hasn’t rimmed me in days.

  2. It should be illegal to drive after the age of 65 without being tested for mental stability, hearing and sight every 4 years. Unfortunately you’ll still get people like this…

    1. Mickey Thompson’s son Danny age 66 just set a record land speed record of 402mph on Sunday and 411mph on Saturday.

  3. What happened to this older lady is sad. Some of you are straight up pieces of shit for making fun of it. I love coming to this site to laugh -but this video shouldn’t be on here.

    1. Nobody died here, she got up and walked. If that car ran over someone you know or loved you wouldn’t be all mushy over grandma would you. The point here is she clearly has a memory problem and there are question marks over whether she should be on the road or not.

  4. @ sknib – You are correct in that nobody died here and yes, if a loved one of mine had been hurt I would be devastated.
    You’re also correct that this senior citizen may have been experiencing some sort of episode and probably shouldn’t be driving. However, the point of my post was to point out the pieces of shit who were making fun of it. You had one guy say “what a fuckin retard” and another with, “I came all over the place watching this”
    Come on. That’s fucked up. Has nothing to do with being mushy. I hope you do realize that.

    1. STFU you sissified bitch boy. This stupid old bag doesn’t deserve the privilege of driving a 3 ton metal vehicle around innocent people. Leaving a gas cap open isn’t that big of a deal… But this old cunt sure made it one when her stupid ass got out of the car without putting it in park and allowed it to careen unmanned down a public street. No only should this old piece of crap be prohibited from ever getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. But she should also be locked up in a retirement home and throw away the key. Or better yet jail. She damn near killed people being a fucking idiot.

    2. Wow your a tough guy. I love when a man beat the shit out of me and rape my ass. That’s a big turn on.

    3. I take your point @Blue light, I just think it may be a little naive to expect rational comments on this site!

  5. Once the mistake was made, she’s very lucky, all things considered. It rolled over only her left ankle as her foot lay flat on the ground, so she wasn’t hurt, and the car hit nothing and nobody except to bump into a bendy tree with its front bumper at low speed.

  6. Nice Pants….just remember that one day, all of us will be that age. All of us. What happened to her was an accident, a pure honest accident. Yes, I’m sure that after this incident – steps were taken to remove her driving privileges. Fortunately no one was hurt here because there were good people willing to quickly step in and help. That wouldn’t have been you. You sound like the new generation of coward bitch ass disgusting moments of society who probably would’ve just stood there and recorded with your cell phone and laughed. The lady may suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. it was an accident. You’re sitting here talking about her like she did that shit on purpose. I’m a Man. A real Man. I have respect for the handicapped, elderly, etc. I would even jump in and help a little piece of shit like you if need be, keyboard warrior.

    1. GOT HIM! You know his mother still spoon feeds/breast feeds him right? that’s whats wrong with this generation. Talk a ton of crap until shit is pouring out their ears.
      nice pants 2lolo and hirudinea just come here for the attention that their mothers never gave them

    1. @2HomoSuxCox I been Waiting for 2lolo to let me lick his ass. But 2lolo never answered my email. I’ll be happy to lick your Shitty Ass.

  7. If you think she’s dumb, did you know that there are people who intentionally put their mouths on other peoples’s anus?

  8. If you think she’s dumb, did you know that there are people who intentionally put their mouths on other people’s anus?

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