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    1. “First”? What a homo. That’s so 2012, like, back when this site was popular and no videos ever sat for days with zero comments like they do now.

    1. Hello 2HomoIsAFuckboy
      I didn’t see you around for the past 2 weeks. I’m Free Tonight just shave my ass clean.

  1. I’ve never said this before, but EF shouldn’t post this kind of video. The father is a fucking shitbag for humiliating his kid like this by not deleting that video, let alone sharing it. Kids have it hard enough, and she didn’t do anything wrong, and doesn’t deserve to have all of us seeing a close-up of her with shit on her face.

    1. Jesus fucking christ, what an oversensitive faggot you are…

      The only thing wrong in that video is the wild animal that’s locked up in a cage, not the spoiled little cunt having shit on her face…

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