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  1. ISIS had given up terrorism to drift cars, but they soon learned that only Asians are good at it, and so they returned to f*cking camels and killing themselves.

    1. Wow Thanks Hirudinea.!!!!! I love to Fuck All of That Woman’s.!!!!! May Allah Blast You With a Butt Fuck.!!!!!

  2. Guns. Sweater vests loaded with TNT and BB’s. A 1974 Toyota Corola. A good raghead can find a way to kill himself and his friends with pretty much anything.

  3. Too bad they were still ooking and eeking after the crash. Don’t worry, girlies, daddy will buy you a new toy soon.

  4. Saudi drifting kills hundreds a year, usually the pedestrians. The drivers get away with the deaths because their fathers are rich.

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