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    1. Are you seriously implying that criminals of such abject stupidity don’t live on every corner of the planet?? Your arrogant nievity is both depressing and pathetic.

    2. while they are indeed present in every country, it’s proportions that matter. your country is basically a 3rd world shithole when you compare it to other western countries.

    3. Lol. “compared to other western countries”… You mean like Mexico and Canada???

      I guess you know a lot about 3rd world countries and shitholes. Apparently you are living in one and talking out the other.

  1. At least the cops didn’t show up, they might of shot the wrong person. Man can’t the Barney Fife’s of the world do anything right.

  2. Black people committing a crime?! I’m shocked! Their decision to do that, is somehow the white mans fault though, right?

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