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  1. If she’d had a hideous burn scar on her leg she wouldn’t go out in public so why the fuck would she show that leg-mess to the world?

  2. Lol. An ugly girl, with fat thighs, a beat face, ugly ink, playing with a hula hoop is Jack off material to you losers? Either you are all 13 years old or mom blocked your internet access because I wouldn’t even Be seen with this girl out in public, much less jack off to her.

    1. You’re so full of shit. I guess if this makes you feel better, putting down a sexy girl, more power to you. You’re just like the guy in the other post trying to buy the girl’s shoes–says she’s pretty and then when she turns him down, calls her ugly. Except yours in more general. Real life fat ugly girls won’t even talk to you, so you get on here and call this amazingly sexy woman “ugly”, and try to tell us those delicious thighs of hers are “fat”, and she’s not worthy of you. LOL! Loser!

    2. Nice Pants is asexual and miserable. He needs to put others down so that he can feel better about himself. What a loser.

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